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Jan 15, 2024

Uttarakhand Traditional Jewellery – The Charm of Pahari Women

When travelling in the mountains of Uttarakhand, one view that often catches the sight apart from the majestic landscape is the jewellery of Uttarakhand. Hailed as Dev Bhoomi (Land of Gods), this northern state of India is blessed with multiculturalism that often acts as a driving force behind the rising tourist count. For women, the state of Uttarakhand holds a distinct emotion because of the intricate pieces of jewellery it offers. The rich mythology and beautiful surroundings of this hill city are often exhibited through its perfectly carved gold and silver jewellery. This blog will throw light on the particularity of Uttarakhand jewellery pieces, and how Battulaal Jewellery is the one-stop place for you to buy. 

The Uniqueness of Uttarakhand Jewellery 

Pahadi women are extremely beautiful, and their choice of jewellery adds to their charisma. They are quite fond of wearing jewellery, and you will often see them effortlessly carrying a Nath or a Hansuli. Pahadi women often pick from the myriad collections of Uttarakhand jewellery online, especially from jewellers like Battulaal. These pieces instantly add to their grace and exude a refined look that Pahadi women are often praised for. 

What truly makes Uttarakhand jewellery stand out from the others is its ingrained traditions and culture. Pahadi women, when drape their sari in their unique ‘Pichora’ style paired with a vibrant and embellished blouse, cover their head with a ‘chadar’ or ‘odhani’, and put on that Maangtika and Nath, exhibit sheer beauty. Most of Uttarakhand's jewellery is adorned with precious stones or pearls. Women are found totally decked up during auspicious occasions like weddings or religious celebrations. They are mostly noticed wearing - 

  1. Multiple bangles made of gold or silver having detailed designs, 

  2. Maang Tikka covering their head, 

  3. Hansuli is a broad neckpiece comprising expensive precious or semi-precious stones. This sleek design is worn close to their neck and is regarded as a symbol of beauty and grace.    

  4. Pahunchi is a remarkable bracelet studded with precious or semi-precious stones. It is tied with a thread-like structure and is a symbol of elegance. 

  5. Mangalsutra is the most dignified piece of Uttarakhand jewellery among married women. A Mangasutra is the emblem of serendipity, prosperity, and a happy life. This piece is made of gold or black beads and worn with a pendant.  

The intricate designs of Uttarakhand's jewellery, which have been handed down through the years, are a reflection of the rich traditions of the area. Every artwork tells a story of exquisite craftsmanship and showcases the creative abilities of regional craftspeople. The natural splendour of the area is a common inspiration for the jewellery, which features motifs of celestial elements, flora, and animals.

Uttarakhand jewellery is known for its intricate designs. The artists create pieces that are more than just accessories—they are works of art—by paying close attention to every little detail. Every component, from the colourful use of semi-precious stones to the intricate filigree work, adds to the distinctive charm of Pahadi jewellery.

Intricacies Found in Uttarakhand Jewellery Online

For the people of Uttarakhand, the pieces of jewellery are not simply ornaments to embellish with. Every piece of jewellery has stories weaved in it. And, Battulaal Jewellery, being a noted Kumaoni jeweller, offers some of the most painstakingly crafted pieces by our local craftsmen. With a long history of crafting Kumaoni jewellery, the founders of Battulaal Jewellery are well-versed in the designs and never fail to add a twist. The jewellery speaks of the history and the changes that the people of Uttarakhand have experienced throughout their lives. 

Nature is a prominent element in every other Uttarakhand piece of jewellery. The ancient people always carved leaves, twigs, flowers, and vines in their creations. This paved the path for mesmerizing natural jewellery being adorned by the Kumaoni women. There are different regions of the state of Uttarakhand, and in the pieces of jewellery, you will see an amalgamation of it all. This is the reason, why whenever you check out Battulaal Jeweller’s website, you notice myriad designs - almost making you perplexed.  

One thing that stays constant when it comes to Uttarakhand jewellery is its evergreen appeal. No matter the rising shift towards contemporary jewellery, traditional Kumaoni jewellery will always find itself topping the list of Pahadi women. In fact, Pahadi women take pride in their incredible culture and embellishing this Uttarakhand jewellery is a sign of it. 

And, speaking of buying Uttarakhand jewellery online, you should certainly consider Battualaal Jewellers for some exceptionally good collection. Not only they have kept the heritage and craft alive with their sweeping craftsmanship but also offer fantastic offers like 30-day returns, fast shipping, lifetime exchange, and best of all, certified jewellery.


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