Traditional Kumaoni Jhumka Design

by admin

Jan 24, 2023

Traditional Kumaoni Jhumka Design- The Charm of Pahari Women

We're all aware of how stunning Uttarakhand is. It is a place where you can indulge your soul and have the most relaxing vibe, which is extremely important in today's scenario. However, there is something else to see in this area: the beautiful Uttarakhand women and their stunning pieces of traditional jewellery, which are inspired by the beauty of the area and showcase the rich art of their traditional jewellers.

The beautiful Pahari women of Uttarakhand enjoy wearing their specially crafted gold and silver jewellery, which enhances their grace and femininity. If you've been to Uttarakhand, you've probably seen Pahari women wearing stunning pieces of jewellery like Bulaq, Kundal, Paunji, Guluband, and others. In this place, jewellery is more than just an ornament for women; it represents their emotions and culture. 

However, as the world becomes more modern, Pahari women are becoming more interested in new designs. The majority of Pahari women now adore modern jewellery. However, no one can match the luxury essence of traditional jewellery. Because traditional jewellery carries a beautiful tradition, it has a charm that gives you grace and elegance. 

If you want to show off the beauty of Uttarakhand this wedding season, buy it from Battulaal Jewels, the most famous jewellers in Uttarakhand, known for their brilliant design and high quality. We have a team of professional jewellers with over 100 years of experience who incorporate the beauty of Uttarakhand in small pieces of gold and silver jewellery that reflect the place's history, culture, and beauty.

So, let us revive the Uttarakhand tradition of Pahari jewellery and show the world this beautiful culture.

Nathuli:- The most beautiful and elegant piece of jewellery in Uttarakhand is the Nathuli. Which you can say is the place's style statement, which holds a rich cultural expectation of the place. The Garhwal, Kumaon, and Jausar women wear this nath exclusively. Every special occasion would be incomplete without wearing this stunning gold nath.

The size of these naths distinguishes them from others. And the culture it represents. This nath piece is given to the bride to wear on their wedding day. Each pearl in the nath design contains information about the bride's family's status. This is the focal point of the bridal ensemble.

At Battulaal Jewels, you can find a beautiful end number of nath designs ranging from simple gold designs to amazing multicolor studded stone designs to peacock designs to extra large full moon-sized traditional gold designs and more. Check out our website to find your favourite design and flaunt your elegance at your wedding.

Traditional Kumauni Jhumka Design: Jhumka is a stunning style statement that can enhance and change your overall appearance. Whether you wear a light or heavy weight outfit, one elegant piece of jhumka completes your look. At Battulaal Jewels, you can get your hands on a traditional Kumaoni  jhumka design crafted by skilled jewellers.

Pahunchi: Pahunchi are bangles made of pure gold that are popular in the Garhwal and Kumaon regions. This is considered to be the most auspicious jewellery for married women, and it is especially worn during festivals and important family gatherings. The colour red in the pahunchi represents the pure proposition for married women. This red cloth serves as the foundation for the pure gold design that is embroidered on it. At Battulaal Jewels, you will find a wide variety of stunning pahunchi designs made of pure gold.

Kumaoni Guluband:- A guluband is a neckpiece with a red velvet base that makes it more elegant. This piece is particularly popular among married women in the Garhwal and Kumaoni regions. If you want to wear something different, the guluband is the way to go. A stunning necklace that will complement your outfit. At Batulaal Jewels, we have a large selection of kumaoni guluband designs ranging from simple to heavy.

Aside from that, we have a large selection of rings, maang tikka, kamar band, watches, jhumka, and other accessories. So, without further wait, visit our official website and purchase your stunning piece of jewellery today.


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