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Mar 22, 2024

Indian Bridal Jewelry Trends: Exquisite Designs for the Stunning Bride

A wedding is one of the most celebrated events in the life of a woman. Families spend months after months strategizing an unforgettable wedding for their daughters. It takes endless shopping, budgeting, venue selections, wedding decor selections, and more, to finalize a wedding plan. Have you ever noticed a bride before their wedding? Most of the time they are apprehensive about their appearance, attire, guests, and more. Amid all these features, the bride is often found to stress about one particular element slightly more - the jewellery. Bridal jewellery needs to be purchased by incorporating immense thoughtfulness and care. Brides tend to start their bridal jewellery shopping way before as there are different trends to consider. These pieces of jewellery are not only ornaments, they are timeless pieces that will be etched in the memory of the bride forever. 

Bridal jewellery holds a special place in the hearts of women because it accentuates the significance of their marriage. It is generally created with immense personalization, putting together traditional features, contemporary features, and proficient craftsmanship. Weddings are undoubtedly chaotic, and in the midst of all, it can indeed be a frenzy to check out the top trends listed by one of the best jewellers in India - Battulaal Jewellers. 

Top Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends To Watch Out

This list will be beneficial for every bride-to-be to deck up most beautifully. 

1. Always Remember - Less is More

One doesn’t need to wear heaps of jewellery to appear beautiful. This is a myth. One evergreen trend that has taken the top place in the list of trends is aiming for less. It has been witnessed that modern brides are considering minimalistic designs are their inspirations. They are finding peace with more compact and intimate weddings. This is because Indian weddings have also begun incorporating minimalistic styles and the same can be noticed in the bride’s ensemble as well. Brides are preferring more of cleaner and more wearable jewellery, and Battulaal Jewellers is successfully showcasing similar jewellery pieces. 

As a reputed seller of Kumaoni jewellery in the state of Haldwani, Battulaal Jewellers are noted for their skilled craftsmanship. They are offering an edge to the traditional Kumaoni jewellery by refining them. Therefore, if you are a Kumaoni bride-to-be and looking for distinguishable pieces, this is the place to come. 

2. The Perfect Matchmaking of Jewellery

There are various sorts of jewellery to choose from, but do you know the ideal way to pair them? According to the popular jewellery trends in India, brides are often spotted decked up in the following combinations:

a. Choker Necklaces with Big Earrings: Chokers have become a cherished piece of jewellery for every other woman. This piece of jewellery tends to fit so well on the neck that most brides opt for it. Chokers have a good clasp, and the intricate designs on Kumaoni chokers with stones and filigree works make it worth wearing. Brides generally pair chokers with big earrings and minimalistic Nath to enliven the look. Trust us, you will look beautiful. 

b. Maangtika and Nath: Maangtika is an unusually beautiful piece of Kumaoni jewellery that is bespoken with the expert craftsmanship of the locals. At Battulaal Jewellers, the Maangtikas are made with utmost precision and you will come across distinctive shapes and sizes. From hanging ghungroos to heart shapes, the makers mindfully make the pieces of jewellery. Both Maangtika and Nath make the bride appear phenomenal. Their face instantly brightens up with the radiance of the gold and certainly, the unending happiness that awaits. The glittering feel will undoubtedly make them appear even more beautiful. 

c. Kamarbandh and Haar: Kamarbandh is a traditional Kumaoni jewellery that holds immense history and charm. Wearing the Kamarbandh and Haar tends to elevate the elegance of the bride in the best way possible. While some consider Kamarbandh a bit extra, Battulaal Jewellers ensures to offer a classiness to the traditional Kamarbandh. Additionally, you can check out the assortment of Haar options offered by Battulaal and pick the one you feel will go with your attire.  

3. Celebrate your Wedding with the Touch of Red

You might have noticed how the majority of brides choose red ensembles, and the reason is this shade is often associated with an auspicious feeling. You can choose among the myriad shades of red, and pair it with gold or silver jewellery of your choice. The best way to showcase your attire is to pair a veil intricately designed with shiny elements. 

4. Don’t Forget to Smile

You ought to feel overwhelmed by the unending list of chores, traditions, and rituals that need to be followed. But, you deserve to celebrate your day in the most delightful way possible. Therefore, don’t forget to smile as it will instantly enhance your complete look and make you glow. 

As one the best jewellers in India, Battulaal Jewellers have always been a step ahead in designing captivating pieces of jewellery. Especially when it comes to bridal jewellery, they have unveiled their immense potential to make you appear the most elegant. These are a handful of bridal jewellery trends that you can consider to make your appearance ravishing.

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