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Jan 15, 2024

Five Things You Should Know Before Buying Silver Jewellery

Are you a jewellery enthusiast? Do you grin and look at those newly launched silver bangles and neckpieces? Are you more inclined towards buying silver jewellery than gold? If yes, then this blog is specifically made for people like you. There is indeed something unique about silver jewellery, most women tend to make their favourite silver bracelet, a part of their handbag essentials. They are ideal as everyday basics, seamlessly fit with their corporate attire, perfect to pair with a saree or lehenga during occasions, and the list of pros continues. But have you ever encountered an instance where you have been fooled after your silver jewellery purchase? If yes, then this blog will cover five prime pointers explaining what you should know before gearing up for your silver purchase. And guess what, these pointers are specifically listed by one of the best jewellers in India - Battulaal Jewellers. 

5 Primary Elements to Keep In Mind Before Buying Silver Jewellery

From Dhanteras to weddings, buying gold and silver jewellery has become mandatory in Indian households. But, most of the time, when asked, people are ignorant of the pre-buying considerations of silver. From ensuring the purity to making charges, there are quite some elements to check before buying this metal. 

  1. Purity of Silver

Hallmark is a term that is not only synonymous with gold but silver as well. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmarks silver jewellery as well. According to the best jewellers in India, you should look out for four signs when purchasing a hallmarked silver product:

  • BIS logo with word SILVER
  • Purity grade or fineness
  • Hallmarking centre’s identification mark/number
  • Jeweller’s identification mark/number

Grades 9999 and 9995 are two of the finest grades of silver. This grade is ideal if you are buying coins, bars, and utensils. If you are planning for silver jewellery, any grade from 990 to 925 is considered proper. One thing that needs to be remembered is, hallmark is a choice. People can choose to buy silver jewellery even without hallmark. 

 2. Making Charges

As you plan to buy silver jewellery, you are most likely to consider the price quoted by the jeweller. But, during the price discussion, ask them the market price of the silver and the making charges. Before agreeing to the charges, it is crucial to carry out your own research and understand the prevailing market rate. This way, you will be able to narrow it down to the legitimate rate. One thing to know is that, silver-making charges are fixed on per-gram basis. 

3. Gain Knowledge of the Buy-Back Policy

There are numerous people who sell their gold or silver jewellery in return for a new one. Therefore, when you buy a new silver jewellery, always enquire the jeweller about the buy-back policy. What is the amount you will be receiving when deciding to resell the piece of jewellery on a later date to the same jeweller? For instance, a silver jewellery of 925 grade will get you the price accounting to 92.5% of silver only. 

4. Gemstones On Silver Jewellery

Gemstones give silver jewellery a fascinating new dimension by bringing uniqueness, depth, and colour. Examine the quality, clarity, and colour of the gemstones while choosing jewellery containing gemstones. Make sure the settings are tight enough to retain the stones firmly in place. Consider the kind of gemstones you use and if they fit well with your way of living. Select gemstones that speak to your own taste and preferences, whether it's the vivid red of rubies, the calm shine of pearls, or the deep blue of sapphires.

Apart from these factors, ensure that the jeweller has not priced in the weight of these gemstones in the price of silver. 

5. German Silver is Not Original Silver

These days, people also have an inclination towards German silver. But one cannot get baffled between the two. German silver is a variant and not sterling silver or even silver at all. While sterling silver is composed of pure silver and additional alloys hallmarked by the BIS, German silver is described as any metal like brass or copper having a silver polish. German silver is not BIS hallmarked. 

Some Bonus Tips

  1. Find Reputable and Trusted Jewellers: Do extensive study to find reliable and trustworthy jewellers. Get referrals from friends, check online reviews, find out how authentic and customer-satisfied the jeweller is known to be. Battulaal Jewellers is regarded as one of the best jewellers in India for our continuous effort towards offering premium quality. 

  2. Examine Return Policies: Become acquainted with the exchange and return policies of the jeweller. It gives you piece of mind to be aware of the terms and conditions in advance in case you need to modify your purchase.

  3. Examine One-of-a-Kind Artisanal Pieces: If you're looking for something special, consider looking into handcrafted or artisanal silver jewellery. The unique nature and skill of artisanal jewellery frequently distinguishes it from mass-produced goods.

When purchasing jewellery made of silver, the combination of purity, design, craftsmanship, gemstones, and financial considerations provides a path to a satisfying purchase. Regardless of your preference for modern or vintage-inspired jewellery, a careful approach will guarantee that every silver find you purchase becomes a valued and long-lasting addition to your jewellery collection. Battulaal Jewellers is a trusted place for buying both silver and gold jewellery. The website contains some of the most chic and pocket-friendly options for you to choose from. 


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