Kumaoni Guluband Design

by admin

Jan 30, 2023

Best Kumaoni Guluband Design for Uttarakhand Brides

Uttarakhand is a centre for beautiful Indian culture and its emotional ties to its inhabitants. The region is renowned for its beautiful heritage and traditional authentic dresses and ornaments. If you enjoy the lovely culture of "pahad," then you can adhere to this custom on your wedding day by donning their lovely pieces of traditional pahadi jewellery.

If you appreciate the simplicity of Uttarakhand, you should purchase their stunning piece of jewellery known as "Guluband." This is essentially a choker set that is simply beautiful and will enhance the aura of your attire. The traditional kumaoni guluband design of Uttarakhand is made with a base of pure red velvet, and the stunning studded gold design on top adds to the overall beauty of the jewellery.

Wedding ceremony in which you can wear the lovely Guluband set

  • Engagement :- All weddings begin with an engagement ceremony in which the pahadi women wear their beautiful traditional dresses according to their preferences. And this is just the start of the long Indian weddings. If you want to look absolutely stunning at your engagement party, pair your lovely dress with the kumaoni necklace design known as guluband. It looks absolutely stunning on your neck and add elegance to your overall look.


  • Haldi Ceremony:- When combined with yellow, red always looks fantastic. It stands out with yellow and adds to the beauty of your outfit. So imagine wearing a yellow outfit on your haldi day with a red velvet guluband around your neck. It stands out beautifully against your yellow dress and adds a beautiful multicolor contrast to your haldi photos. There are beautiful kumaoni guluband design with various bases from which to choose your favourite.


  • Mehendi Ceremony:- Like haldi, mehendi is a very important ritual in Indian weddings. And these days, wearing a green dress at your mehndi function is becoming very popular. And red always looks stunning when combined with green, right? So whether you're wearing a saree, lehenga, suit, Indo-Western attire, or something else, the red velvet, base guluband goes with everything. 

At Battulaal Jewels, you will find a variety of kumaoni guluband design from which to choose. You do not need to travel to Uttarakhand to purchase guluband from our store because we offer online shopping to our customers. Where we ship your exquisitely designed guluband throughout India. So, visit our official website "Battulaal Jewels Online" and get your hands on a stunning designed necklace that will be a show stopper on your wedding day.


  • Wedding day:- The time has finally arrived after going through the various functions on your big day. Yes, I'm referring to the "Big Day For Every Couple," the wedding day. What could be more beautiful than wearing the beautiful tradition of Uttarakhand jewellery and flaunting the beauty of the place on your big day right? The traditional guluband is red in colour due to its red velvet base, which is the main colour of every bride. It is a beautiful Indian tradition for the bride to wear the colour red, which is known as the colour of married women. 

Whether you are wearing red or any other colour, the red choker will complement your outfit. There is one more tip for you: wear this guluband with one long neck set to complete your overall look. Which is the most trendy fashion in today's wedding ceremony! Every bride of today does not wear a single heavy neckpiece; instead, she wears two neckpieces, one of which is a choker that is attached to your neck and the other is a long haar. 

If you want to be trendy, you should wear two neck pieces. Purchase it from the 100-year-old brand Battulaal Jewels, which is also known as a garhwal jewellers in Uttraakhand, to complete your wedding's everyday look.


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