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Jan 22, 2024

5 Garhwali Nath Designs By Battulal Jewellers Which can transform You Into a Legit Princess

The Garhwali region is not only unique for its enchanting mountain range but also for its culture. For decades, Garhwali or the Pahadi region has been celebrated for its deep-rooted tradition and one of the elements is their traditional jewellery. Among all of Garhwali jewellery, the Nath beholds immense prestige. The Pahadi people never miss out on their Naths regardless of the occassion. A Nath stands as a salient piece of jewllery specially in weddings and auspicious occasions. A Garhwali Nath holds ages of histories, stories, and intricate designs. 

History and Importance of Garhwali Nath

Most Garhwali Nath designs are decked with precious rubies and beads. Brides spend a fair amount of time picking from the display of Nath designs. It embodies the ageless beauty of Garhwali customs and the craftsmanship that distinguishes this region's cultural identity, lending a touch of elegance and authenticity to cultural events. The creative skills that have been passed down through the years are highlighted by the workmanship involved in making these nose rings.

As we speak of Garhwali Nath designs, Battulaal Jewellers steals the show with our detailed craftsmanship and rare pieces. How about we go through the Garhwali Nath designs crafted by Battulaal?

Remarkable Garhwali Nath Designs from the House of Battulaal Jewellers

Battulaal Jewellers, located in the beautiful region of Ramnagar, treasures a diverse collection of Garhwali jewellery. Starting from Maangteeka to Jhumka, Mangalsutra to Guliband, we have stunning pieces carved by professionals. Let us check out the different Nath designs. 

1. Simplistic Nose Ring Beaded with Precious Stones & Pearls

If you are more of a minimalistic person, then this Garhwali Pahadi Nath design will be your complete favourite. This Nath is crafted with stunning pearls and precious stones over the sleek nath. The lower end has meticulously detailed pearls and gold filigree work done.

2. Majestic Nath Handcrafted in Peacock & Floral Design

A beautiful blend of peacock and floral design is found in this Garhwali Pahadi Nath of Battulaal. You will find a seamless fusion of red and white stones throughout the upper end of the Nath. Although these Naths were quite heavy in weight, the contemporary ones have reduced in that aspect. The 

3. Heavy Nath with Flower Designs

This specific Garhwali Nath design by Battulaal is a work of art that balances vintage grace with modern appeal. A sense of timeless beauty is evoked by the exquisite floral designs that are delicately weaved throughout the design. The sturdy Nath is expertly crafted and embellished with finely arranged flowers, resulting in a symphony of artistic talent that amplifies the wearer's allure. Because of the fine materials and elaborate craftsmanship, this Nath design is a representation of luxury and sophistication.

4. Regal Nath with Intricate Peacock Design, Stones, & Filigree

The regal Garhwali Nath by Battulaal Jewellery is distinguished by its ornate peacock design, which is detailed with stones and filigree work. A captivating impact is produced by the painstaking integration of the peacock, an Indian cultural icon of elegance and beauty, throughout Nath's design. The thoughtful positioning of the stones raises the allure and gives a hint of shine. A defining feature of Battulaal's artistry, the filigree work enhances the Nath's regality and lends it an air of grandeur and cultural significance.

5. Garhwali Nath with All-Round Designs

 This Garhwali design from the house of Battulaal Jewellers is a unique piece that has elaborate designs both on the top and bottom parts. This piece has a stunning filigree work on red along with flower detailing and charms. If you are looking forward to adorning with a simplistic yet splendid display, this is the one yo should lay your hands on. 

Battulaal Jewellers: Your Ideal Shopping Destination for Garhwali Nath

1. Broad Price Range: Battulaal Jewellers provides a variety of Garhwali Nath designs to suit a range of financial constraints. Their selection offers solutions that suit a range of tastes and budgets, whether you're looking for a lavish item for a big occasion or an attractive everyday wear piece.

2. Expert Craftsmen: The brand's Garhwali Nath designs provide witness to the extraordinary abilities of their artisans. With years of expertise and a dedication to excellence, Battulaal Jewellers makes sure that every Nath is expertly produced and reflects the best standards of artistry. Every piece of jewellery made by their talented artisans embodies the traditional richness of Garhwali jewellery.

3. Cultural Essence: Every Garhwali Nath from Battulaal Jewellers is infused with a bit of the company's culture. These items are more than just accessories—they are carriers of cultural history since the designs evoke the traditional aesthetics of the Garhwal region. Buying a Garhwali Nath from Battulaal Jewellers is a great way to embrace Uttarakhand's rich cultural heritage.

Investing in a Garhwali Nath from Battulaal Jewellers is an investment in fine craftsmanship, cultural legacy, and a timeless touch of elegance. It goes beyond simply purchasing a piece of jewellery.


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