Garhwali Nath Gold

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Dec 10, 2022

5 Elegant New Garhwali Nath Designs Battulaal Jewels

Garhwali Nath embodies brilliance and traditional opulence through its beautiful and mesmerizing craftsmanship. It exemplifies the simplicity and elegance of Uttarakhand culture. Every married Gharhwali woman is incomplete unless she wears this beautiful piece of Nath at weddings as well as other special occasions such as functions and festivals. This masterpiece will carry the tradition of the beautiful valley of Uttarakhand. Every Garhwali bride is incomplete without this stunning work of art. If your wedding bells are soon to ring, take a look at the top five Garhwali Nath Designs that are currently trending in the market. 

Garhwali Nath, also known as "Nathuli," is a moon-like shape with various styles such as pearl beats and different multicolor stones set on a gold base. What distinguishes it from other large naths is that this nath design is covered in half with a different heavy design.

If you want to wear this beautiful traditional nath but with a modern twist, check out this beautiful piece of gold nath design perfect for your wedding look. Only available at Battulaal Jewels.

Gold Nath Peacock Inspired Design 

Check out this beautiful, magnificent peacock-inspired-design nath, if you are looking for a nath that is inspired by the tradition of Uttarakhand heritage with a modern design. It is made of 24KT pure gold. With a lovely combination of green, red, and pink. Battulaal jewellery shop has a team of experts who handcraft each piece of jewellery while paying close attention to the details of each piece. 

Gold Nath Geometrics Design

This additional Garhwali nath is a perfect example of Uttarakhand's rich heritage. It is completely different from what you read above. This piece includes a variety of geometric shapes that are culturally rich as well as uniquely designed. This piece of nath also includes 24KT pure gold. We have a variety of this type of design in our store, so that you have a variety to choose from. If you want to wear something out of the ordinary, buy this piece of nath. Which perfectly complements your one-of-a-kind wedding attire.

Multicolor Shining Stone Gold Nath

If you want some color in your nath piece to contrast with the gold base, this color collection of nath is for you. This piece of nath is one-of-a-kind and will go perfectly with your wedding gown. Only at Battulaal Jewels we create this beautiful collection of gleaming stone studded over an elegant base of pure gold, which looks perfectly pretty and adds more sparkle to your wedding gown. With the magnificence little stone hanging like tassels over the lips, this piece will be more beautiful and complement your massive choker jewellery set.

The Gold Gem Garhwali Nath

Uttarakhand is well-known for its rich heritage of gold jewellery, and no bride is complete without wearing a gold nath piece on their wedding day. At Battulaal Jewels, you will find a variety of gold nath pieces in various designs. You can find anything from a simple small nath to a large nath. We have all of the options in our store, whether you want a heavy design or a simple design, beautiful green and pink precious gemstones in the middle of the design or at the top of a flower design, we have a large collection of pieces in our store.

Battulaal jewels have a variety of nath options from which to choose. Aside from the nath, we have a large selection of women's accessories in gold, silver, and diamond, such as bangles, necklaces, watches, rings, mang tikaa, and more. Our store has over a century of experience in the jewellery industry and employs a team of expert jewellery makers who work with pure gold.

Choose from a variety of Garhwali nath designs and show off your outfit on your special day. These pieces of jewellery are commonly worn by Uttarakhand brides. If you want this piece of jewellery, you can order it online from our Battulaal jewellery shop, which will deliver it to your door along with a purity certification check.


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